April 13, 1992


April 14. T IL meeting with Dean Foster regarding Fall 1992 registration. 12 :35 p.m., CR2.
April 17, F HOLIDAY!!!
April 20, M Forum on the Saga of James Dean Walker, featuring Judge Myron H. Bright and ludge Gerald Heaney, 12 :00 - I: 15 p.m. Moot Coon. Room.
April 23, R Our 1992 Wallace S. Fujiyama Distinguished Visiting Professor. Carol M. ROlle, will speak on -Property
and me Sources of Environmental Ethics,· 4:30 p.m., Moot Court Room. For more details contact
Jennifer Hicks at 956-6545 . Entire Law School Community invited .
Presentation by visiting colleague Urs M. Lauchli on his native country, Switzerland, 12:35 - I :30 p.m. ,Moot Court Room
April 25. Sa Annual Law Student/Alumni Softball Tournament, 9:30-3:30, UH soccer field .
Contact Jon Yoshimura for more details.
April 28, T Time sheets are due by 12:00 noon for 5-15-92 payroll, Front Office . Contact Bob Daguio.
May 1, F Application Postmark. Deadline for visiting and transfer students applying for Fall 1992.
Students may begin 10 pick up exam numbers at Front Desk:
May 2, Sa Last Day of Instruction for Law School
May 4~, M-W Study Period for Law School
May 5, T Faculty coUoquim presentation by visiting Professor Thomas Mensah entitled -Problems in International Environmental Legislation: 12:00 noon in the faculty lounge .
May 7-16. R-S. Final Examinations for Law School
May 13 . W Time sheets are due by 12:00 noon for 5-29·92 payroll, Front Office . Contact Bob Oaguio
May 16, Sa Spring Semester ends
May 17. Su UH Commencement, Andrews Amphitheater, 4:00 p.m.
May 18. M Law School Commencl!ment, Andrews Amphitheater, 5 :00 p.m.