April 29, 1991


April 29, Monday Informational meeting with Dean Foster regarding Fall
externships, 12:45 p.m., SR4.
April 30, Tuesday First-year students meeting with Deans Foster and Punu
regarding Fall registration, 12:35-1:20, CR3.
May 3, Friday Appellate Advocacy Awards Ceremony, 12:35-1:20, Moot
Court Room.
May 3, Friday Course lottery sign-up ends, 3:00 p.m., Front Reception
Counter, LAW 114. Contact Dean Foster.
May 4, Saturday Last Day of Instruction for Law School.
May 6-8, Monday-Wednesday Study Period for Law School.
May 9-18, Thursday-Saturday Final Examinations for Law School.
May 9, Thursday Faculty luncheon with Governor Dukakis, 12:00 noon, faculty
May 13, Monday Time Sheets due for 5/31/91 payroll. 12:00 noon, Front Reception
Counter, LAW 114. Contact Bob Daguio .
May 18, Saturday Spring Semester Ends.
May 19, Sunday UH Commencement.
May 20, Monday Law School Commencement.