September 4, 1990

September 10-27 On-campus Interviews. Contact Joanne Punu for details re: sign up deadlines etc.
September 10, Monday Interviews with Burke, Sakai et. al. and Ashford & Wriston
September II, Tuesday PALSSO panel on summer clerkships, study etc. in Asian and the Pacific. CR
4, 12:35. Contact Thomas Feeny.
September 11, Tuesday Interviews with Case & Lynch and Lyons, Brandt et. al.
September 12, Wednesday Interviews with Goodsill, et. al. and Rush, Moore, et. al.
September 13, Thursday PALSSO regular meeting. SR I , 12:35. Contact Thomas Feeny (942-3154).
September 13, Thursday Hawaii Women Lawyers-Student Division meeting. SR 2, 12:40. Agenda includes projects and expectations for this semester. Contact Janice Weir or Sue Gregory (848-2611)
September 13, Thursday Interviews with Carlsmith, et. al. and Moon et. al.
September 14, Friday Interviews with Char, Sakamoto, et. al. and Kobayashi et. al.
September 14, Friday l-L Party in Courtyard. 4:30 pm-??? Everyone In law school
community is encouraged to attend and enjoy.
September 17, Monday Interviews with Cades et. al. and Bays, Deaver et. al.
September 18, Tuesday Interviews with Torkildson, Katz et. al.
September 19 , Wednesday Interviews with McCorriston et. al. and Paul, Johnson et. al.
September 20, Thursday Interviews with Reinwald et. al. and Damon et. al.
September 21, Friday Interviews with Love & Yamamoto and Robbins.
September 24, Monday Interviews with Greeley et. 01. and JAG (Army)
September 25, Tuesday Interviews with Dwyer et. 01 and Gerson et. al.
September 26, Wednesday Interviews with Maui Prosecutor's Office and JAG Air Force
September 27, Thursday Interviews with Gelber et. al. and Bendet, Fidell et. al.
September 27, Thursday Annual reception for donors to the William S. Richardson School of Law, 5:30- 7:30 PM, Pacific Club. By invitation only. Contact Susan or Jennifer 956-5557 or 956-6545
September 28, Friday Faculty lunch with Dean Hata from Hiroshima University. Contact Larry Foster.
October 18, Thursday Reception to celebrate the publication of Professor Addison Bowman's book, Hawaii Rules of Evidence Manual, 5:00-7:00 PM, Law School Courtyard. By
invitation only. Contact Susan or Jennifer 956-5557 or 956-6545.