Business Law Concentration

The William S. Richardson School of Law clustered approach to the study of business law enhances our students’ ability to navigate the curriculum during their second and third years. The School of Law’s program of study in the business core capitalizes on Hawai‘i’s central position linking Asia and the Pacific.

The business law curriculum is supported by four clusters that are responsive to the needs of Hawai‘i’s next generation of business lawyers. These clusters prepare students for the practice of law in the following spheres: (1) corporate, (2) cross-border & comparative commercial law, (3) innovation & entrepreneurship, and (4) small firm practice.

Leading scholars and practitioners with highly specialized knowledge in and across the clustered business law curriculum offer students both theoretical challenges and concrete foundations to enable their success in a new millennium economy driven by global business and Internet-related technology and innovations.

Business Law Clustered Curriculum .pdf

Business Law Pathways

Full-Time Business Law Faculty

Professor Charles Booth
Professor Ronald Brown
Professor Alison Conner
Professor Danielle Conway
Professor Diane Desierto
Professor Lawrence Foster
Professor Mark Levin
Professor Justin Levinson
Professor Randall Roth




Danielle Conway

Michael J. Marks Distinguished Professor of Business Law
(808) 956-5568