Basic Legal Research

Using the Law Library

Guide to Call Numbers for United States Law .pdf

Understanding the Federal and State Court Systems

Federal-State Court Directory
Located in the Law Library at KF8700.A19 F42.

Inside the Federal Courts - Federal Judicial Center
Online tutorial explaining the powers and role of the Federal Courts.

Understanding the Federal Courts - By the U.S. Government

Provides description of the federal court system and its role in United States government. Includes frequently asked questions and court administration information.

National Center for State Courts

Finding a Case
By Citation - Finding Case Decisions by Citation .pdf
By Party Name or Topic - Instructions for Using Legal Digests .pdf
Finding a Case by Name - University of Illinois, College of Law Library

Finding a Statute
By Citation, Name, or Topic - Finding Federal & State Statutes .pdf
By State - States and Territories: Current Statutory Codes .pdf
Statutory Research Tutorial - Georgetown University Law Library

Federal Administrative Law - Tutorial
Administrative Law Research Tutorial - Georgetown University Law Library
Good introduction to administrative law materials, covering both regulations and decisions. Includes review questions. A low bandwith/screen reader version is also available.

Federal Legislative History - Tutorial
Federal Legislative History Tutorial - Georgetown University Law Library