Alumni Profiles

Yang Liu, LLM 2005

Hometown: Hunan, China
Prior Degrees: LL.B., Hunan Normal University; Masters of Law, Xiang Tan University

What I do now

I currently serve as a Project Manager on Legal Compliance & Anti-corruption for the Research Center on Transnational Corporations, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce at the Beijing New-century Academy on Transnational Corporations in Beijing, China.

My Hawai‘i Experience

My time in the Hawaiʻi LLM program positively impacted my life in the short and long-term and opened a new window in my life. Through the Program, I learned the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system, gained an understanding of the spirit of law, and focused on the subjects I was most interested in. These opportunities came through the guidance of experienced and intelligent professors. And this window opened me up to much more than just professional knowledge and learning experience; it provided me with life-long friendships, excellent professional connections, and intimate memories of what is without doubt the most beautiful place on earth. I now consider Honolulu to be my second hometown, and it all started with my experience in the LLM program.

Tips for LLM Students

I would like to encourage LLMs to enjoy the learning experience and pick the topics that interest them the most because one year passes very quickly. I also appreciated my internship experience at a local law firm, which gave me a valuable glimpse into a lawyer’s life in the U.S. In addition, it helped me to embrace the local culture and build a network in Hawaiʻi.