November 2010 Alumni Newsletter Vol. 22, Issue 4

Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament Returning at Pearl Country Club on Friday, May 20, 2011

After a two-year hiatus, the Alumni Association’s Annual Golf Tournament will return on May 20, 2011 at Pearl Country Club. More information, including sign-up and sponsorship opportunities will be forthcoming in our next newsletter and on the Alumni page of the Law School’s Website. For now, mark your calendar for golf on the afternoon of Friday, May 20, 2011, and for the tournament banquet to follow that evening. The day is currently scheduled as a furlough day for state, city and judiciary employees.

Alumni Golfers and Rainbow Dancers at 2007 Tournament

Over 180 Gather for All Class Reunion

Over 180 alumni and guests joined honorees Prof. Mari Matsuda ‘80 (WSRSLAA “Outstanding Alumna” of 2010), Hon. Riki May Amano ‘79 (Dean’s Award honoree), and Mr. Keith Amemiya ‘91 (Public Service Award honoree) for a festive All Class Reunion at the Hale Koa Hotel on the evening of Friday, September 24. Prof. Linda Krieger and Sheri Tavares provided a video and oral up-date on the many and varied accomplishments of the scholars of the Ulu Lehua Program (fka Pre-Admission Program), which is celebrating its 35th year in 2010. As always, the formal program and ono buffet were less important than the opportunity for classmates and friends to reconnect and catch up what they’ve been up to.

To view the event program, with a brief write-up on each of our honorees, click here.

For a brief slide show of the event, click here.

Of the special reunion classes, Mari’s Class of 1980 led the way in attendance with 23 members (plus 10 guests) present, followed by the Class of 1985 with 14 members (plus three guests), Riki’s Class of 1979 with eight members (plus 18 guests), and the Class of 2000 with nine members (plus four guests). Also well represented was Keith’s Class of 1991 with six members (plus six guests).

Flying in for the event were Phyllis Blees ‘80 from Texas; Wendy Kuwamoto Peterson ‘85 from California, and Joe Fagundes ‘80 from the Big Island. Representing the Judiciary were: ICA Judge Alexa Fujise ‘80, First Circuit Court Judge Sabrina McKenna ‘82, retired Circuit Judges Rev. Elwin Ahu ‘80, Karen Blondin ‘80, Rey Graulty ‘79 and Eden Hifo ʻ80. Representing the faculty (in addition to Mari) and administration were: Dean Avi Soifer, Assoc. Dean Laurie Tochiki ‘80, Retired Assoc. Dean Carol Mon Lee (Hon.), Hazel Beh ‘91, Williamson Chang, Linda Krieger, Eric Yamamoto, Jon Van Dyke, David Callies, Calvin Pang ‘85 and Professor Emeritus Dick Miller. Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona ‘81 kindly joined the Association for the evening, briefly addressing the audience with some reminiscences about law school in the “Quarry Days.”

Mahalos to Kūpaoa (Lihau Hannahs ’07 and Kellen Paik) for flying in from Japan on the morning of the reunion to share their incredible musical stylings with us; to Abby Dunn ‘02 and Kirsha Durante ‘04 for their two lovely hula; to Rev. Elwin Ahu ‘79 for the opening prayer; to Derek Kobayashi ‘90 for serving as event emcee; and to Steve Okumura ‘77 for acting as event photographer. Mahalo also to our event committee: Jim Williston ‘78 (Chair), Becca Dayhuff ‘07, Debbie Lee ‘82, Sunny Greer ‘08, Steve Duck ‘02 (our host for use of the Hale Koa), Robyn Au ‘80, Haunani Burns ‘80, Laurie Keeno ‘80, Faye Kimura ‘80, Bruce Yoshida ‘80, Jill Hasegawa ‘04, Lori Hiraoka ‘00, and Everett Ohta ‘09. Our thanks also go out to former Law School Development Officer Jennifer Hee for helping us with the design and production of our invitations and to Director of Career Services Amy Ono ‘00 and her crew of Law Student helpers for printing our programs and name tags and for helping with check-in. Finally, we thank our reunion class coordinators (in addition to the event committee members from the reunion classes): Class of 1985: Tom Grande, Livia Wang, Elizabeth Kent, Cecilia Chang and Willie Domingo; Class of 1990: Steven Teves, Doug Smith, Derek Kobayashi and Aimee Oyasato; Class of 1995: Greg Kugle and Jodi Kimura Yi; Class of 2000: Keoni Shultz, John Egan; Class of 2005: Shawn Benton, Rosemarie Sam and Ming Chi; and Ulu Lehua Representatives: Shawn Benton ‘05, Sunny Greer ‘09 and Nam Phan ‘07.

2010 Landshark Invitational (Reported by Lea Hong ‘90)

Mahalo to everyone who pitched in to organize the 2010 Landshark Invitational on September 25, 2010 at Kewalo's (Shark's Hole), our partners Girls Who Surf, our water patrol Ku'au Rescue, and our sponsors XCEL, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, Cronin Fried Sekiya Kekina & Fairbanks, Bickerton Lee Dang & Sullivan, Na Loio He'e Nalu, WSRLAA, and LEXIS-NEXIS. Thanks to near record participation and our sponsors, the Landshark Invitational will be donating $400.00 to the William S. Richardson School of Law “Realizing the Dream” Fund.

Surf conditions were spectacular with light winds and chest high surf throughout the day. More than 40 lawyers and 26 law students participated in the day of fun, sun, fellowship, surf, and potluck picnic. Highlights of the competition included the Class of 1982’s Greg Lui Kwan's third year in a row triumph in the John Lim Costume Contest – this year as Sponge Bob Square Pants. Even the tourists riding out of Kewalo Harbor recognized Sponge Bob and yelled their encouragement. Law student Ramsey Ross received the unofficial "Most Likely to Need Water Rescue Award" for his gorilla outfit that weighed about 40 pounds wet (mercifully, he did not fall off his board and need rescuing). Creative, but unfortunate Jeff Kent ’07 was disqualified for a Styrofoam Spam Musubi costume that instantly disintegrated when it hit the water, causing disqualifying marine debris which had to be tracked down and picked up.

David Nakashima '77, Stuart Gasner (visiting mainland attorney), Bill Saunders, Arnold Lum (WSR former Professor), and Wes Sakai waiting for the next big one.

For more pictures of the Meet, click here:

Law student Mele Coleman's spectacular wipeout in the first Longboard heat garnered her the "Best Wipeout Award" (but it was worth it as she won the 30 and Under Women's Longboard final). And law student Jonathan Ching took the "Aloha Spirit Award" for helping with set up, spotting, tabulating, picking up lunch, and breaking down, all with two staples in his head suffered after his board conked his head while he was practicing at Kewalo's the day before the contest. Truly and crazily committed in a good way!

The results of the friendly day of surf are below:

Women's Longboard 30 and under
1st Mele Coleman
2nd Sunny Unga
3rd Ivy Kinney

Women's Longboard Over 30
1st Dawnie Ichimura
2nd Lea Hong ‘91
3rd Bianca Isaki

Men's Longboard Makule (55+)
1st Bill Saunders
2nd David Nakashima ‘77
3rd Stuart Gasner

Men's Longboard Loio (40-54)
1st Craig Stockl
2nd Kent Pelt
3rd Jim Bickerton

Men's Longboard Opio (under 40)
1st Napali Souza ‘09
2nd Blake McElheny ‘99
3rd Nate Roehrig ‘03

Women's Shortboard (30 & Under)
1st Ivy Kinney
2nd Sunny Unga
3rd Jo Sheng

Women's Shortboard (Over 30)
1st Dawnie Ichimura
2nd Bianca Isaki
3rd Linda Aragon ‘03

Men's Shortboard Makule (55+)
1st Stuart Gasner
2nd John Nishimoto
3rd Gordon Kim ‘84

Men's Shortboard Loio (40-54)
1st Jim Bickerton
2nd Mark Fox
3rd Kent Pelt

Men's Shortbard Opio (Under 40)
1st Napali Souza ‘09
2nd Koa Ramos Saunders
3rd Nate Roehrig ‘03

Women's Bodyboard
1st Dawnie Ichimura
2nd Mihoko Ito
3rd Bianca Isaki

Men's Bodyboard
1st Wilson Unga
2nd John Choi
3rd Makia Minerbi ‘08

Novice Open
1st Wilson Unga
2nd Mike Schwartz
3rd Bart Howk

Men's Stand-Up
1st Blake McElheny ‘99
2nd David Nakashima ‘77
3rd John Choi

Women's Stand-Up
1st Mihoko Ito

John Lim Costume Contest
1st Greg Lui Kwan ‘82 (Sponge Bob)
2nd Mihoko Ito (Candy Corn Witch)
3rd Lea Hong ’91 (Suzie Wong)

Best Wipeout
Mele Coleman

Aloha Spirit Award
Jonathan Ching

Alumnae Bruzers Take Ete Bowl XXXII in a Hard-Fought Battle; Seth Harris Inducted into Hall of Honor.

At the half, the Alumnae Bruzers and the Law School Etes were knotted at three touchdowns apiece. The offenses for both teams had rolled over the opposing defenses and it looked like another nail-biter like the tie in Ete Bowl XXX and the Bruzers’ narrow 12-8 loss in Ete Bowl XXXI. But in the second half, the Bruzer Defense stiffened, holding the Etes on two consecutive possessions, while the Bruzer Offense continued to roll with two consecutive scoring drives.
By the time the Etes were able to rebound, the Bruzers held a two TD lead and, after the teams traded late-game scores, the Bruzers walked away with a hard-fought 36-24 (6 TD - 4 TD) win.

Did any of your classmates play for the Bruzers this year? Check the team roster by clicking here.

For pictures of the game, please click here.

The Bruzer scoring was as follows (all passes thrown by Quarterback Jill Nunokawa ('88)):

First Half:
1. Sarah Wong ‘08 RB (Running Back) on an end-around.
2. Jamie Sheu ‘07 WR (Wide Receiver) on a deep pass.
3. Le`a Kanehe ‘01 TE (Tight End) on a pass into the endzone.

Second Half:
4. Cindy Goodness Zane ‘95 RB on a flare pass in the flat and a dash for the pylon.
5. Le`a Kanehe ‘01 TE on a short pass.
6. Hon. Lisa Ginoza ‘89 TE (on a short look-in pass into the end zone.

The Etes’ scoring was as follow: Jessica Domingo ‘11 (daughter of Willie Domingo ‘85) scored two touchdowns for the Etes and Brianna Tsukamoto ‘11 and Kyleigh Nakasone ‘12 each scored one touchdown.

Playing in their first Ete Bowl as alumnae were: Tiffany Chiang ‘07 (Cornerback/Safety and kicker), Marissa Luning ‘08 (Defensive End), Minda Yamaga ‘09 (Linebacker), Lani Nakamura ‘09 (Cornerback), Moani Colon ‘08 (offensive guard) and Gemma-Rose Poland 09 (offensive guard). Unfortunately, one of the new players who had come to most of the team’s practices, Receiver Trisha Nishimoto 09, was injured in the final full practice and wasn’t able to play.

At the potluck following the game the Bruzers inducted Co-Offensive Coordinator Seth Harris ‘01 into the Ete Bowl Hall of Honor (for non-players). Seth, a family law attorney with Hartley & McGehee, has been coaching the Bruzers’ Offense since his graduation in 2001. For a list of all Ete Bowl Hall of Fame and Hall of Honor members, click here.

The Bruzers would like to thank their coaches and Managers for their help leading up to and during the game. Coaches are listed in the team roster and Managers included Haunani Burns ‘80, Rosemary McShane ‘81, Linda Chow ‘88, Julie Padron, Leona Kobashigawa, Linda Martell ‘87, and Hope and Leah Barkai.

Richardson Alumni Recognized as Among the State’s Best Lawyers by Honolulu Magazine

Congratulatons to the following attorneys who were recently recognized by Honolulu Magazine as being among Hawaii’s best attorneys in the following practice fields:

Hon. Riki May Amano (Ret.) '79 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Nadine Y. Ando '82 - Commercial Litigation
David F. Andrew '91 - Real Estate Law
Edward R. (“Randy”) Brooks '79 - Real Estate Law
Charles W. Crumpton '78 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Jacqueline L. S. Earle '77 - Commercial Litigation
Rosemary T. Fazio '78 - Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law, Real Estate Law
Gary O. Galiher '77 - Mass Tort Litigation
Joanne Lo Grimes '94 - Employee Benefits Law, Nonprofit/Charities Law
Rhonda L. Griswold '84 - Trusts and Estates
William A. Harrison '81 - Non-White-Collar and White Collar Criminal Defense
Diane D. Hastert '78 - Commercial Litigation
Jerry M. Hiatt '77 - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bet-The-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Labor and Employment Law, Medical Malpractice Law
Susan Ichinose '77 - Commercial Litigation, Labor and Employment Law
Grace Nihei Kido '85 - Environmental Law, Real Estate Law
Michael H.Q.L. Lau '87 - Energy Law
Patricia Y. Lee '79 - Trusts and Estates
Steven S. C. Lim '79 - Land Use and Zoning Law, Real Estate Law
Patricia J. McHenry '86 - Environmental Law
Dyan M. Medeiros '96 - Family Law
Michael W. Moore '82 - Real Estate Law
Kent D. Morihara '97 - Energy Law
Michael F. Nauyokas '89 - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Labor and Employment Law
Sheryl L. Nicholson '81 - Bet-The-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation
Ted N. Pettit '86 - Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law
Diane Yuen Praywell '97 - Real Estate Law
Stephanie A. Rezents '77 - Lawyer of the Year - Family Law
Ian L. Sandison '91 - Environmental Law
Douglas C. Smith '90 - Trusts and Estates
Elbridge W. Smith '77 - Labor and Employment Law (federal employees)
Gail M. Tamashiro '84 - Banking Law
Roy A. Vitousek III '76 - Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Law, Land Use and Zoning Law
Randall M.L. Yee '83 - Trusts and Estates
Curtis B.K. Yuen '89 - Trusts and Estates

Alumni Tidbits.

Drop us an e-mail ( if you would like us to let your classmates and friends know about something new in your life or career.

1978 - Chief Justice Recktenwald recently announced the selection of Rodney A. Maile as the new Administrative Director of the Courts, effective December 1, 2010. Rodney had most recently been serving as the Deputy Director of DCCA after many years as the chief of the Department’s Administrative Hearings Office. Our hats off to Rodney.

1981 - Linda "Fritz" McKenzie '81 recently traveleld to Cuba for a month with a volunteer group working with Catholic Charities to deliver medical supplies. Fritz traveled to Bosnia-Herzgovinia during the Balkan War in the 1990's to work with Global Children's Organization, an organization founded by Judith Jackman Jenya '82. They worked for ten years with orphans and refugees from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Ireland. Fritz has also made trips with the Aloha Medical Mission to the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as trips to Ethiopia, Uganda, and India with Rotary International's Polio Plus Program.

1987 – Our congratulations to John Y. Gotanda upon being named the sixth Dean of the Villanova University School of Law, following a rigorous national search. Prior to taking the Deanship, John had been Villanova's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Research. John will become, on January 2, 2011, our second alumnus to take the helm of a law school, following Larry Foster ‘81 who served as Dean of the Richardson School of Law from 1995-2003.

1990 - Best wishes to David Tanoue who was recently appointed by Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle and confirmed by the Honolulu City Council to serve as the Director of Planning and Permitting for the City and County of Honolulu. David had previously served in the Hannemann administration in the same capacity.

1992 – Our best to Sherri-Ann (Chun) Iha, who was recently named by former Chief Justice Moon to serve as a judge of the District Court of the First Circuit. Prior to the appointment, Sherri-Ann had been the supervising deputy prosecutor in the Misdemeanor Jury Demand Division of Honolulu’s Department of the Prosecuting Attorney.

1995 – Congratulations to Andrew Aoki (Vis.) upon being named by Governor-elect Neil Abercrombie as his Deputy Chief of Staff. Andrew had served as Mr. Abercrombie’s Deputy Campaign Manager during the recent gubernatorial campaign. Andrew had previously headed his own consulting firm “3-Point.”
After leaving the Public Defender's Office, Cindy Goodness Zane earned a doctorate in Psychology and is now a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Moiliili Professional Building (located above Down to Earth). She works with clients of all ages and specializes in Couple Therapy, Relationship Problems, Combat and Non-Combat PTSD, Health Issues, Mood Disorders, Life Transitions, Divorce/Separation Issues, Child Maltreatment and Child Disruptive Behavior Problems. She also enjoys consulting with attorneys on cases involving psychological evidence. If she can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact her by phone at (808) 386-3055.
Hats off to Douglas Chin who was recently appointed by Mayor Peter Carlisle and confirmed by the Honolulu City Council to serve as Honolulu’s Managing Director. Doug had most recently been the Acting Prosecuting Attorney for Honolulu pending the election of a successor to Mr. Carlisle.

1999 - Kai Wang has joined the Hong Kong office of Baker & McKenzie as a Special Counsel, specializing in commercial real estate and cross-border transactions. A licensed attorney in Hawaii, New York and California, Kai has just been admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong.

2007 - Daryl Takeno has joined experienced immigration attorney and former Alumni Association President John Robert Egan at Migration Counsel. A 2007 graduate of the Richardson School of Law, Mr. Takeno was previously at the law firm of Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing and clerked for Hon. Randal K.O. Lee at the First Circuit Court of Hawaii. Daryl will be concentrating on immigration and naturalization law.