August 2010 Alumni Newsletter Vol. 22, Issue 3

Law School Loses its Namesake, Strongest Supporter, Mentor and Friend – William S. Richardson Passes Away at 90.

William Shaw Richardson had a vision of a Hawaiʻi in which all of its citizens have an equal opportunity to go to law school, serve the public through legal advocacy, and use law to create a better society. Thus, “C.J.”, as he came to be known following his tenure as the State of Hawaiʻi’s second Chief Justice, was a staunch and early supporter of the creation of a law school at the University of Hawaiʻi. Without C.J., Wally Fujiyama, and a few others with the same vision, local university graduates would not have had the opportunity to obtain a legal education at home, and university graduates from elsewhere would not have had the opportunity to attend a law school touched by C.J.’s spirit of warm aloha. In recognition of C.J.’s seminal role in its creation and in the evolution of Hawaiʻi law, the University of Hawaiʻi School of Law was renamed in 1983 as the “William S. Richardson School of Law.”

Although C.J.’s central role in the founding of our law school has been frequently documented, less so has been C.J.’ boundless enthusiasm and support for the law students, the faculty and administration of “his” Law School throughout its now 37-year history. Even while serving full-time as Hawaiʻi’s Chief Justice, and later as a trustee of the Estate of Bernice P. Bishop/Kamehameha Schools, C.J. would attend nearly all law school and alumni gatherings, from informal pot-lucks and volleyball matches in the old quarry facilities--to our annual alumni golf tournament--to official convocations and graduation ceremonies. Formalizing C.J.’s long-time informal role as Law School mentor, Dean Avi Soifer requested, and C.J. agreed to serve as its scholar/kupuna-in-residence, sharing his wisdom, humor, humility, and mana`o with the School’s administration, faculty and students.

C.J. served on the Board of the Friends of the Richardson School of Law (the arm of the U.H. Foundation raising funds for the WSRSL) from its inception, and fought tirelessly at the legislature for necessary funding for the School and, most recently, for its current dream of an expanded physical facility to accommodate technological advances and its many new public-service and academic programs. Last December, C.J. generously dedicated the proceeds of his 90th Birthday Celebration, attended by 900+, to realizing that dream and to the Amy Richardson Scholarship Fund named for C.J.’s late wife.

When C.J. passed away on June 21, the Law School sought to honor him by providing a venue where all of those touched by C.J. over his remarkable lifetime could pay their respects. Between Wednesday, July 7 and Thursday, July 8, 120 volunteers and over 2,500 said their final “aloha” to the beloved namesake of our School and shared their condolences with C.J.’s family. C.J. lay in state at the Law School’s Moot Court Room on that Thursday, and on Friday a memorial service was held for him at St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

In homage to C.J., Alumni Association boardmembers, as individuals, provided a lovely wreath for C.J., and the Association helped to coordinate a full-page memorial mahalo to C.J. in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on the day of the memorial service. Click here to see a copy of the mahalo. We can only hope that the inspiration provided by this great man can sustain the Law School through this time of grieving.

Mahalo to the following firms, groups and agencies who contributed to the Star Advertiser memorial mahalo to C.J.: Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel LLLP, Kawashima & Lorusso LLP, Ashford & Wriston LLLP, Bays Deaver Lung Rose Holma AAL, the Hawaiʻi State Bar Association, the Native Hawaiian Bar Association, Schlack Ito Lockwood Piper & Elkind LLLC, McCorriston Miller Mukai MacKinnon LLP, Galiher DeRobertis Ono AAL, Meheula & Devens, Kamehameha Schools®, Cades Schutte LLLP, Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher ALC, Sterling & Tucker LLLP, Case Lombardi & Pettit ALC, Torkildson Katz Moore Hetherington & Harris ALC, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Carlsmith Ball LLP, Marr Jones & Wang LLLP, Davis Levin Livingston, Cronin Fried Sekiya Kekina & Fairbanks, Dwyer Schraff Meyer Grant & Green ALC, Gelber Gelber & Ingersoll ALC, Rush Moore LLLP, Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert ALC, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, Burke McPheeters Bordner & Estes ALC, the Law Clerks of William S. Richardson (1966-82), and the William S. Richardson School of Law.

The Alumni Association expresses its deepest condolences to the Richardson ohana on the loss of their “Puna” (short for “kupuna”), and our inspiration, Chief Justice (retired) William Shaw Richardson.

2010 ALL CLASS REUNION Coming Soon -- Featuring Graduating Classes of 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005 and 35th Anniversary of Ulu Lehua/Pre-Admission Program – Professor MARI MATSUDA (1980) to be Honored as Outstanding Alumna of 2010; RIKI AMANO (1979) is Dean’s Award Winner; and KEITH AMEMIYA (1991) is Public Service Award Winner.

"2009 Reunion"

The Alumni Association will be holding its 7th Annual All Class Reunion at the Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki on the evening of Friday, September 24. Special reunion classes in 2010 include the Classes of 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005. All alumni and friends are welcome, but if you are a WSRSL graduate from any of those years, we especially encourage you to join us for a fun evening with great food, great music (Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winning Kupaoa, featuring the Law School’s own Lihau Hannahs) and good company (your classmates).

We will also be celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the founding (in 1975) of the Ulu Lehua (then known as Pre-Admission) Program and encourage program alumni to get together at the reunion.

We will be recognizing Prof. Mari Matsuda (1980) as our 2010 Alumna of the Year. Professor Matsuda is a nationally recognized scholar and prolific writer in a number of cutting edge areas of the law and legal history, including affirmative action, women’s rights, hate speech, and social change through law. Dean Soifer has named retired Third Circuit Court Judge Riki May Amano (1979) as his 2010 awardee and the Law School has named Keith Amemiya (1991) as its Public Service Award Winner for Keith’s service to the Hawaiʻi High School Athletic Association (“HHSAA”), including his efforts to institute a divisional playoff system and to establish the Save our Sports (“SOS”) program to raise funds to retain interscholastic sports at the same or better levels notwithstanding budgetary cut-backs at the Department of Education.

Invitations will be mailed out later this month. If you don’t have a mailing address on file with the Alumni Association, you will not receive an invitation, but may go to the Alumni Page of the Law School’s website to find one.

"Class of 1979 enjoying 2009 Reunion"

Landshark Invitational Surf Meet Coming up on September 25.

Toothy grin? Billable hours? Demanding clients? Landsharks, landsharks in training (law students), spouses, and significant others are invited to participate in the 2010 Landshark Invitational on September 25, 2010 at Kewalo's (the aptly named "Shark's Hole"). For Facebook members, more information can be found at!/event.php?eid=137211186299220&ref=ts Click here for an entry forms or email

Events include men's and women's longboard, shortboard, body-board, stand-up paddle, a novice division, and the John Lim Memorial Costume Contest (someone please give Greg Lui-Kwan, winner of the past two Landshark costume contests, a run for his money!). Sponsors include WRSLAA, Na Loio He`e Nalu (UH Law School Surf Club), XCEL Wetsuits, LEXIS-NEXIS, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, Bickerton Lee Dang & Sullivan, and Cronin Fried Sekiya Kekina & Fairbanks.

Ete Bowl Practices Begin Sunday, August 29th. Bruzer Players & Coaches Needed.

Miss the camaraderie of Ete Bowls past, or want to learn how to play flag football? Boss giving you too many impossible assignments and looking for an outlet for your frustrations? Come join the Alumnae Bruzers as a player (wahine) or coach (kane) for some spirited (but friendly) competition and exercise. Questions? Send an email to Sonja McCullen ’02 ( or call any Bruzer player or coach.

Practices will be held at Kamamalu Field (between Nuuanu YMCA and the Pacific Club) at 2:00 p.m. on Sundays, starting on August 29th and continuing every Sunday thereafter through the game in November. Start (or keep on) jogging and we’ll see you in late August. This year’s game is tenatively set for Saturday, November 7. Check the Law School’s on-line Calendar of Events in October for this year’s Ete Bowl XXXII date.

Thirty Law School Alumni & Friends Roll up Their Sleeves at Honolulu Zoo.

"Alumni zoo crew working hard with picks and shovels to clear California grass from Lions' perch"

Ekundu (Swahili for “red”), the Honolulu Zoo’s new male lion, will have a nicer home to welcome his soon-to-arrive girlfriend, thanks to the WSRSLAA volunteers who used picks, shovels and muscle-power to clear out the sharp and prickly California grass from his play area at the Honolulu Zoo. Other Law alumni volunteers weeded the Children’s Zoo area. In all, over 25 humongous bags of California grass and weeds were removed.

After the Zoo clean-up, volunteers were treated to a behind-the-scenes close-up (but not too close) look at Ekundu, some African hyenas, the Zoo’s playful baboons and the Zoo’s two black rhinos, and fed giant carrots to the male rhino.

"Scott Suetsugu feeds male black rhino a carrot"

Thanks to Jennifer Hee for bringing snacks for crew, and to Jill Hasegawa for coordinating the clean-up with Zoo staff and bringing (with help from Debbie Lee) the water and other drinks.

Zoo Crew Row 1: Jamie Sheu holding Alex Woo, Shannon Sheu, Sara Young, Calvin Young, Tracey Kubota, Everett Ohta, Jill Hasegawa, Steve Duck, Lena Duck, Debbie Lee and Jared Kaneko.
Row 2: Russell Woo, Reid Matsushima, Becca Dayhuff, Jim Williston, Nam Phan,Wendy Yamamoto Suetsugu, Scott Suetsugu, Melissa Farris, Denny Miyashiro, Robert Duck and Stuart Kaneko.
Not pictured: Dean Avi Soifer, Jennifer Hee, Hon. Alexa Fujise, Rep. Chris Lee, Cathy Remigio and her niece Rachel.

Annual Meeting & Election Results.

Immediately prior to the June 17th Wine Tasting Event, the Association held its Annual Meeting, chaired by outgoing (pun intended) President Becca Dayhuff ʻ07. Becca presented her Annual President’s Report (click here) recapping the Association’s events and projects over the past year. Treasurer Wendy Miki Glaus presented the annual financial report for the Association, showing that we are, indeed, still solvent in 2010.

Becca announced the outcome of this year’s election (actually, non-election, since there were no contested races). George Apter (1989) will serve as the Association’s President for 2010-11, ably assisted by Vice-President/President-Elect Everett Ohta (2009), Treasurer Wendy Miki Glaus (2000), Corresponding Secretary Debbie Lee (1982), and Recording Secretary Mars Johnson (2008). New members on this year’s Board will include Dawn Chang (1985), Rey Graulty (1979) and the Dean’s appointees for the Class of 2010 Dane Anderson and Melissa Farris.

The Association would like to express its sincere mahalo to outgoing two-term President Becca Dayhuff (2007) for her guidance through the past two years, and to also thank the following outgoing officers and directors for their commitment and service over the past several years: Vice President Leilani Tan (2002), Recording Secretary Shyla Cockett (2007), Corresponding Secretary Jim Williston (1978), and Directors Dona Hanaike (1979) and Lisa Ayabe (2008).

Returning to the Association’s Board of Directors for 2010-12 will be: Rosemary Fazio (1978) (who joins Boardmembers Haunani Burns (1980), Hon. Alexa Fujise (1980) and Stuart Kaneko (1977) in representing the Classes before 1993); and Lori Hiraoka (2000), Steve Duck (2002), and Jill Hasegawa (2004) (who join Nam Phan (2007), Ming Chi (2005), and Wendy Yamamoto Suetsugu (2003) in representing the Classes from 1992 to present). Remaining on the Board as a Dean’s appointee from the Class of 2009 is Tracey Kubota, and one vacancy remains to be filled by the Board.

The membership approved the By-Law amendments proposed by the Board, namely the establishment of an office of “Immediate Past President” and designation of the Vice President as the Association’s President-Elect. These amendments should help maintain continuity in the leadership of the Association from year to year.

Food & Wine Extravaganza a Big Hit.

Over 100 Law School alumni and friends gathered on the evening of Thursday, June 17th at the Plaza Club for the Alumni Association’s 6th Annual Food & Wine Extravaganza. The food, wine and company were excellent. Our thanks to HASR Wine Co. (Mike Kakazu), JMD Beverages, Chambers & Chambers Inc. Wine Merchants, Johnson Bros., and Southern Wine and Spirits of Hawaiʻi for their generous wine donations and to the pourers for sharing their wine expertise. A big “mahalo” also goes to Gordon Arakaki (1984) for coordinating with the wine merchants and vendors and for sponsoring our event at the Plaza Club. Thanks also to the Plaza Club for the truly ono pupus and to Jill Hasegawa (2004) for coordinating the entire event.

We also thank Dean Avi Soifer who gave the gathered multitude a brief “State of the Law School” address and Associate Dean Laurie Tochiki and Law Professors Randy Roth and David Callies for sharing the evening with us.

We would also like to thank our very generous “Silent Auction” donors:

  • Paul Brown Salon and Day Spa
  • The Halekulani
  • Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy
  • Big Island Candies
  • Waikiki Parc Hotel
  • Michels at the Colony Surf
  • Wailea Golf Club
  • Rebecca Dayhuff
  • Jennifer Hee
  • Avi Soifer
  • Jamba Juice
  • Jr. Lou and T
  • Ringler Associates (Dona Hanaike)
  • Ryan Toyomura
  • Zippy’s Inc.
  • Bishop Museum

Kudos to Jennifer Hee for lining up the great donations. The event raised over $3,000 for scholarships for law students who have demonstrated a commitment to public service.

Catching up With – Margaret Egbert (1984) — Using her Legal Background at the Canton, Ohio YWCA to Develop Housing, Including Innovative Homeless Programs.

(Thanks to Margaret for sharing the following—with minor editing—telling us what she has been up to since leaving the islands.)

Since graduation from Law School, I completed my Ph.D. from UH and took the job as Executive Director of the YWCA of Canton, Ohio. Part of my challenge was to rebuild the organization, and with the help of a wonderful staff and board we have succeeded, growing from a budget of $465,000 to one of $2.6 million. We are now developing our third tax credit housing facility for the homeless. The new project is in construction now and has a $6.3 million budget. If I succeed in two grant applications, this will increase significantly.

My training at UH has played a large role in my success as Director. Tax Credit housing programs are very complex, as they must comply with USC Section 42 IRS regulations. In addition, most have other sources of funding such as [federal] HOME and CDBG [community development block grant funds] which come with their own set of compliance regulations. The newest project also uses ARRA [American Recovery & Reinvestment Act--federal “stimulus”] dollars. Understanding the laws and regulations makes us much better at doing what we do.

Some of our more notable housing activities: We have converted three facilities to geothermal and are a community leader in the use of geothermal HVAC [Heating Venting & Air Conditioning] systems. We were the first and so far only transitional housing homeless program to receive Ohio state tax credits, and one of the first in Ohio to use tax credits for permanent supportive homeless (PSH) housing. We have a best practices program design that uses behavioral methodology (from the model I developed in my Ph.D. work). We have won two fair housing awards and in 2007 we were awarded the Director’s Award for Excellence in Housing and Community Services from the Ohio Department of Development.

The YWCA created the central intake system for homeless in our county. I developed the initial HMIS database and methodology for data collection, predating the national movement by three years. We were one of the first Continuum of Care programs to get funding for data collection activities and to develop a method for using a database to track homeless beds and units.

I miss Hawaiʻi but have grown to truly love Ohio. I still have my condo in Kaneohe and hope to retire so I can spend half a year in Hawaiʻi and half a year here in Ohio.

Alumni Tidbits.

1979 – After a stint with the Domestic Violence Action Center, Ellen Politano resumed her full-time private practice on July 1, 2010. She will be handling all family law matters, including representation of Respondents as well as Petitioners in Family Court Restraining Order cases. You can contact Ellen by mail at P.O. Box 701220 Kapolei HI 96709-1220, by phone at 531-4646, or by e-mail at

1989 - Michael F. Nauyokas has been named alternative dispute resolution liaison of the Federal Bar Association. He is the first attorney in Hawaiʻi to hold this distinction.

1992 - Chief Justice Ronald Moon recently appointed and the Senate recently confirmed Sherri-Ann Iha (“Chun” in Law School) as a judge of the District Court of the First Circuit. Our congratulations to Sherri-Ann, who had been working at the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office prior to the appointment.

1996 - Brent Renison ‘96, a partner with Parrilli Renison, was the recipient of the Ninth Annual Daniel Levy Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Immigration Law, presented at the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Conference in Washington, D.C on June 30, 2010. The national award recognized Brent’s more than five years of advocacy work to end the “widow penalty” in immigration law. Renison was also appointed by the AILA President to serve as Chair of the National Immigration Reform Committee beginning in June. The committee that he will oversee is composed of leading immigration lawyers from around the country, and is tasked with advancing the legislative advocacy agenda of the 11,000 lawyer organization.

2007 - Tony Tran reports that he has recently opened his own law office concentrating in immigration law, the area in which he has wanted to practice since starting law school. To find more about Tony’s practice, check out his webpage: Tony had previously been practicing with Hirota & Associates.