Alain Bieger, LLM 2010

Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland
Education: University of Fribourg


After having worked as an attorney in a private law firm in Zurich I joined Credit Suisse, one of the two major banks of Switzerland and one of the most prestigious banks worldwide (with offices in 55 countries and a strong presence in the U.S.). I am providing personal legal support directly to the General Counsel of Credit Suisse who is also a member of the Executive Board of the bank. Additionally, I am currently leading a task force with dozens of employees and internal and external contributors.


I have had a wonderful LL.M.-year! My studies at the Law School allowed me to gain a broader understanding of U.S. legal aspects and to improve my professional English skills. Due to the size of the Law School and its warm and friendly atmosphere I was able to participate actively in various (academic and extracurricular) activities and to tie numerous relations with students and professors. Last but not least, Hawai’i is just an amazing place to live and study. Especially the Hawaiian culture and its Aloha spirit, mingled with strong Asian and occidental influences, make living in Hawai’i an incomparable experience.


Benefit from the small size of classes to participate in class. Try to engage yourself intra- as well as extra-muros. Accept the offers of professors, teachers and colleagues to assist you with further advice and knowledge. Interact with your co-students from all over the world and the U.S. Enjoy Hawai’i and the beautiful natural environment.