Message from the Dean


Our Law School is blessed to be located in Hawai‘i, a uniquely beautiful gathering place that is also the crossroads of the Pacific and a vital link between the United States and Asia. We are unique in our diversity and in our face-to-face learning environment. At the same time, we have assembled a faculty recognized throughout the world for their stellar teaching, first-rate scholarship, and unparalleled commitment to public service within Hawai‘i as well as far beyond our beautiful shores.

We rank among the nation's leading law schools in such measures as faculty-student ratio and the affordability of the quality education we provide, but it is the unquantifiable nature of student empowerment and mutuality that truly sets us apart. As one of the smallest law schools in the United States, we are able to make sure that everyone within our community can get individual attention and a great deal of personal support.

Our graduates have earned their glowing reputation for legal craftsmanship, high ethical standards, and leadership throughout Hawai‘i, across the United States, and around the world. With our particular strengths in Environmental Law and Pacific and Asian Legal Studies, we are particularly well-situated to address some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. We also are rightfully proud of many other programs, such as our small group focus on legal research and writing throughout the curriculum, excellent and richly varied clinical and business law offerings, our attention to the legal claims of indigenous peoples, and abiding commitment to public service.

I warmly welcome your interest in this very special Law School. But this website can only begin to convey our vibrant community spirit. We learn from and teach one another with sparkle and humor as well as with rigor. We do so within a close community, and we attend with remarkable success to the distinct human qualities that are crucial to the best of life and law.


Avi Soifer

Professor and Dean


Avi Soifer

(808) 956-6363